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About Our Fundraising Efforts

With a reputation for excellence honed over our 135-year history, Clarkson College is poised to meet the growing demand for health care professionals by educating our students to "be the best.” Your gift today helps ensure current and future Clarkson College students can continue the tradition of excellence instituted in 1888 when the Bishop Clarkson Memorial Hospital accepted its first nursing student. Throughout the College’s history, the compassion and caring exhibited by our founders, Bishop Robert H. and Meliora Clarkson, has led generations of Clarkson College students to answer the call to a life spent in service to others.

Donations received for scholarships, student experiences, and capital improvements are more than appreciated – they are vital to the growth of Clarkson College. 

If you would like to donate to a specific fund or scholarship, or have any questions regarding donations including future estate planning, please contact Ale Denton, Alumni and Development Coordinator, at

Choose to Give Campaign

Each fall, Clarkson College launches the Choose To Give campaign, offering giving opportunities for staff, faculty, alumni, board members and the broader community .  To view the list of 2023 donors, click below.